Embracing the piece at the heart of you

The professional development of librarians is my jam.

I specialise in inspiring and encouraging librarians to flourish with grace and flair in a digital world; to be healthy connected digital citizens.

I think digital citizenship tends to focus too much on the tools and assumes confidence will follow.

However confidence is just as vital for being healthy connected digital citizens as competence because if you don’t believe you can; whether you are able to or not, doesn’t matter.

So I’m looking forward to learning new ways to encourage and inspire others to be confident and shine brighter each day.

5 things I know:

  1. Academic writing is not my forte and to be honest it’s not something I want to spend time improving right now.
  2. I won’t have the time to invest in completing all the challenges, and I have decided not to feel guilty about that.
  3. I will complete as many challenges as I can each week without worrying about playing catchup.
  4. I have a habit of making weird and wonderful connections to things which may confound or delight others. Feel free to ask questions, follow along or ignore (I won’t be offended).
  5. I’m resisting doing an About page. This post will have to do for now. 🙂


Feel free to say Hi or ask me a question either in the comments below, on Twitter or Linkedin.





2 thoughts on “Embracing the piece at the heart of you

  1. Hi Sally, Glad you could join us. Please don’t feel guilty if you don’t invest time in all the activities. Sip and dip focusing on those interactions which are of personal interest. Bring on those “weird and wonderful connections” – that’s what makes learning on the Internet such fun.


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