Life on the edge of extinction


Breathe. You can do this.

Revived and resurrected.

Old and new collide.



In 2012 I explored differents way of communicating and engaging online.

It was a month of experiments.


Today I resurrect the curious to make new connections.

In the name of LIDA102 Digital Citizenship.



4 thoughts on “Life on the edge of extinction

    1. Gosh, I’ve only just published this Senga!

      There is just so much out there and because change happens quickly in this space that it is difficult to find a place to start that will remain useful.

      I’m partly doing the microcourse to see what useful bits I can re-use in other contexts. You know you don’t need to register to see if the content is useful – it’s all openly available –

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      1. You popped up on my radar and I’m always intrigued by what you’re up to Sally. Thanks for this link. It is great to see how another organisation has structured things. Always helpful in the thinking process.


      2. I agree Senga. I don’t think many people realise how much thinking does go into these processes.
        Best of luck! (and please let me know if you want to bounce ideas around, I’d be happy to)

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