A Reality Competition For Librarians?

Reality programmes dominate TV and some of them, such as MasterChef do a really good job of raising the profile of cooking, chefs, restaurants and suppliers. Programmes such as these also belittle the blood, sweat, tears and talents of cooks and chefs who spend years in training with sometimes very little reward.

So, how do you feel about a reality competition for librarians? Would an increased profile of librarianship work in our favour with funders and the general public or would it be too superficial? I imagine this may result in some strong reactions so please add your thoughts to the comments.


4 thoughts on “A Reality Competition For Librarians?

  1. First thought: I don’t think it would work in our favour I am afraid it would highlight stereotypes that the public has – That would be what TV stations would aim for. Short “Helped by the library” footage from real life would be better.
    If a competition it should be on raw search power… Last one to solve info problem is out… Survival of the searchers…


  2. When I worked at Manukau Libraries we had a battle between online and offline reference. We both got the same reference questions (one ‘over-the-counter’ and the other via an online reference chat service) and the first one to unpack the question and provide the answer won. It was a great event, and reinforced the value of our reference, info lit and searching skills.


  3. We had a TV show on the ABC called “The Librarians” – but it wasn’t flattering (very funny, but not flattering) and I don’t think that’s what you meant.

    As much as I’d like to think that such a show would open people’s eyes, there’s always going to be much more of an audience for tripe like “Being Lara Bingle” *shudder*. I just don’t think it has universal audience appeal.


  4. It would depend, I think, on the angle for the show. I can’t imagine how a library would fit into a MasterChef type format; what would the challenges be? I’d definitely watch if it were like Full Metal Jousting or The Ultimate Fighter – but having librarians fight each other in a cage probably doesn’t send the right message. ;D


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