Participation: A Warm Up Exercise

Today I’m thinking about participation, engagement and collaboration.

So let’s see what happens. This diagram or image links to a public Google document and the image will (I hope) be updated each time the page is refreshed.

  1. Click on the image to add words that can be made from the word ‘leadership’.
  2. Plurals and proper nouns are acceptable, in any language.
  3. If you notice spam or words that don’t fit the criteria you can delete them.


4 thoughts on “Participation: A Warm Up Exercise

  1. What a cool exercise – some of the words are really apt too.
    seed and petal – shows growth of leadership
    shaped and sheep – maybe the sheep are more passive, but it is true that leaders shape other people, both actively and passively. I’ll stop waxing lyrical now…
    I’m interested to see what you do with the results, Sally!


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