Customer Focused Or Customer Driven?


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3 responses to “Customer Focused Or Customer Driven?

  1. Nice chart Sally. I like to think we’re very customer-driven here at school, but I have to say that in point number 2 we definitely try not to think like our customers. I found it overwhelming to think like a teenager when I was a teenager … in that one point I’ll stick to thinking about our customers!

  2. Sally

    You’ve raised an interesting point, Sengaw.
    If your teenagers are your customers, what are your teachers? Stakeholders perhaps?
    I assumed (perhaps wrongly) in a school situation, that the teachers were the library’s customers and students were your end-users. Of course, both groups can be customers but which group is your primary customer?

    • Students are most definitely our customers, but so are our teachers. In a school of our size (1400 on our senior campus) I would have to say that students would be our primary customers due to the sheer number we are directly interacting with every day. (we average 800 visitors a day) Teachers I collaborate with I would consider stakeholders but all staff who use the library are also customers. I would consider both groups equally as customers.

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